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Echeveria Neon Breakers Succulent from Nature Team
Echeveria Doris Taylor Succulent by Nature Team
Succulent Arrangement from Nature Team

YouTube Videos

Gardening and learning how to care for succulents is quite the learning process. Learn along with us on YouTube- We make mistakes and we have some success along the way! You can find our top three watched videos below:

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Echeveria Doris Taylor Succulent by Nature Team

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How To Care for a Jade Plant

Check out this blog post and video that explains what we have learned about Jade Plants so far! An updated video will be uploaded soon!


How To Behead Succulents

Learn how to behead succulents of most sizes with this post and tutorial video! Multiply your succulents with this successful method!


20 Pastels Succulent Unboxing

We unboxed 20 Pastel Succulents from one box! Check out these beautiful colors and this amazing product. Don't forget to go grab one for yourself!


Plant Propgation:
Learn How!

One of our favorite things to do is propagate houseplants and succulents! Propagating plants is so easy.. and the coolest thing is that it is FREE!

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Classic Wood Propagaton Tube Holder from Nature Team


Doris Taylor

This lovely succulent has fuzzy leaves that will leave you in awe. This plant is bright green and adds color to any arrangement!


Neon Breakers

This beautiful frilly succulent has bright fuschia pink edges that fade into a bright blue/green. Great for collections!